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Art Cities >> LIVORNO
Livorno (Leghorn) preserves its fascination of the old marine Cities together with the fact that the Cities was designed by the Renaissance master, Bernardo Buontalenti, to be the ideal Cities.
A Cities with many different faces, naturally cosmopolitan thanks to the harbour and the closeness to the sea which have privileged the interaction between cultures, languages and races.
Thanks to the intellectual dynamism, Livorno is the hometown of many important artistic and cultural personages: the old marine town has contributed to the history of art and the European culture with names such as the opera singer Pietro Mascagni, the painter from the Macchiaiolo movement, Giovanni Fattori and the genius of Amedeo Modigliani.

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The cuisine of Livorno
Livorno was founded the 28 of March in 1577 when Cosimo I, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, entrusted the design of the "ideal Cities" to Buontalenti in order to have an opening to the sea. At the end of the 16th century, communities which had been forced to leave their places of origin due to ethnic, racial political or religious persecutions arrived to Livorno thanks to the liberal policies of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, an exception from the reactionary policies in the other Italian States. In this way, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Englishmen and Dutch citizens settled down in Livorno and created the atmosphere for cultural, political and intellectual interactions. During the "Risorgimento" (period in the Italian history between 1815 to 1870, translator's note), Livorno, a town with strong anarchist and socialist traditions, provided illuminated minds that were aware of freedom and the independent national cause.
The Trofeo di Vela Accademia Navale - Città di Livorno is celebrated every year around the 25 of April and 600 boats from all over the world take part in the regatta. The best two thousand sailors, crew and skippers come to Livorno to participate in this classical Italian event, with more than 75 regattas and 14 classes on 9 different tracks. Many cultural and artistic events accompany this important sea festival. In June or July the different quarters (rioni) of the Cities contend the Gare Remiere (Rowing Races). ). But the most important event during this period of the year is certainly the Palio Marinaro which is held in July at the inlet facing the Terrazza Mascagni. It is the event "par excellence", where the quarters of Livorno contend the "drappo" (the cloth). At the end of June there is another suggestive event, the Coppa Barontini, a rowboat race at night. Once again the quarters challenge each other in a time-trial along the channels of Livorno, passing the historical quarters. The Coppa dei Risi’atori, which is celebrated at the end of June at sea, has Medicean origins: the name of the event comes from the verb "arrisicare" which meant to "risk your own life", and in this case , refers to the sailors who risked their life at sea. Only the 8 best quarters are allowed to participate in this competition, which starts at the Torre della Meloria and ends after having concluded the 8 km. At the end of July it is time for the Effetto Venezia, a festival with music, events and art on the streets of the historical quarter Venezia in Livorno. The suggestive network of channels and narrow streets, bridges and hamlets, becomes animated thanks to the stalls, the artisan expositions, the entertainment and the typical specialities from the local cuisine.

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